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Fire fighting tanker with ladder AZL-6,0-50-18 (4320)

Description and technical characteristics

Fire-fighting tanker with ladder AZL-6,0-50-18 (4320) is a basic fire-fighting vehicle, equipped with fire-fighting pump, with tanks for liquid fire extinguishing agents and means of their supply, and with stationary mechanized turntable ladder with cage. It was made on the cross-country chassis and designed for delivery of the truck crew to the point of fire origine, for fire extinguishing and execution of accident rescue operations with the help of fire extinguishing agents and fire-fighting equipment, and also for supply of fire extinguishing agents from other water sources to the point of fire origin.

Water tank capacity, l 4 000
Foam tank capacity, l 400
Firepump JOHSTADT NP-3000
Productivity of pump in a nominal mode, l/c 50
Pressure of fire pump in a nominal mode, m  100
Extending ladder, operating height, m  24
Max. operating load on the top of the ladder, kg  160
Chassis URAL-4320
Axle configuration 6х6
Engine YAMZ-53622-10, L6
Engine output, hp 240
Gear box 5 st.
MAX speed, km/h 85
Total weight, kg 21 300
Vehicle dimensions (L×W×H), m 9,75 x 2,55 x 3,70
Cabin crew 5 +1


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