Manufacture and supply of fire fighting equipment
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Fire fighting pumped-tanker AZ-5,0-40 (5350)

Description and technical characteristics

Fire fighting vehcicle on a chassis KAMAZ-5350  provide maximally quick and efficent soving of fire fighting problems bymeans of hight passability, speed, manoeuvrability, big amount of supplied extinguishing agents, corresponding to current demands for fire fighting equipment. 

Whater tank capacty, l 5000
Foam tank capacty, l 360
Fire pump

NZPN-50/100 (NP-3000)

Productivity of pump in a nominal mode, l/sec  40
Pressure of pump in a nominal mode, m 100
Fire monitor LS-S40
Chassis KAMAZ-5350
Axle configuration 6x6
Engine KAMAZ 740.622-280
Engine output, h.p. 280
Gear box 10 st.
Max speed, km/h 90
Total weight, kg 16 500
Vehice dimensions (LxWxH), m 8,0 х 2,5 х 3,7
Cabin crew 6+1


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