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Fire fighting tanker AZ-5,0-50 (4320) with CAFS

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Description and technical characteristics

Firefighting pumped-tanker AZ-5,0-50 on chassis Ural-4320-79 is designed to deliver firefighting crew with a water–supply, foam agent and the fire–technical equipment to the place of fire origin. Fire extinguishing by water from the tank, reservoirs and hydrants, and by air – mechanic foam are available. The vehicle is equipped with pump unit LSA3000 which may be used both as standard fire pump and effective compressed foam firefighting system. 

Water tank capacity

5,0 m3

Foam compound tank capacity

300 l

Pump unit

LSA3000 based on CAFS (Johstadt, Germany)

Pump output in nominal mode

50 l/s

Pressure of pump in nominal mode

100 m

Pump location

Rear compartment

Length of pressure hose lines

240 m

Fire monitor




Axle configuration



YaMZ-536 (285 h.p.)

Gear box

YaMZ-1105, 5 sp.


80 km/h


425/85R21, pressure-regulated

Total weight

17 300 kg

Dimensions (l*w*h)


Cabin crew including driver 

6 p.

Pump unit LSA 3000


  • water supply (including seawater);
  • foam agent supply;
  • «wet» compressed foam supply;
  • «dry» compressed foam supply.


CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) advantages:

  • increase of the firefighting and rescue potential of the firefighting vehicles;
  • reduction of fire extinguishing time (max. effect of CAFS is achieved on the first stage of operation);
  • reduction of the harmful environmental impact;
  • increase of the vehicle operation without refilling by reduction of the foam and foam agent volume;
  • possibility of the simultaneous operation from one fire pump both with water supply nozzles and foam nozzles;
  • possibility of compressed foam supply when working at high buildings;
  • economy of foam agent by usage of the more concentrated (1%) foam agents and exacting electronic inspection of the foam agent consumption.


LSA 3000 assembly:

The pump unit LSA 3000 consists of the following elements based on the frame in united module:

  • noncorrodible firefighting centrifugal pump of a normal pressure Johstadt NP 3000;
  • priming system;
  • pump for foam agent supply;
  • compressor;
  • automatic electronic injector system of compressed air and foam dosing;
  • ejector system of foam agent supply and dosing with manual operation (optional);
  • pipe lines and locking devices;
  • control panel with illumination. 

Nominal water supply

50 l/s

Water pressure in nominal mode

100 m

Foam agent

any type

Nominal ejector system foam agent supply

3,3 l/s

Ejector system foam agent dosing range


Nominal injector system foam agent supply

0,27 l/s

Injector system foam agent dosing range

0,1…0,6%  in step 0,1%

Nominal compressed foam supply (air/foam agent)


Volume water – foam solution/air;

1:3 to 1:7

- «wet» foam

from 1:3 to 1:7

- «dry» foam



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