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Fire fighting tanker AZ-6,0-70 (4320-58)

Description and technical characteristics

The result of fruitful cooperation with the manufacturer of chas- sis was the production of fire-fighting vehicle on the basis of Ural-4320-58 with double cabin, which is much more comfort- able due to its inner size enlargement.

Progressive and systematic development of the company also include constant work, connected with adaptation of new technologies,  as well as cooperation with foreign manufacturers of advanced, exclusive fire-fighting equipment. As a result of it, fire-fighting tanker AZ-6,0-70 (4320-58) with alu- minium superstructure, with vehicle mounted pump JOHSTADT NP-4000 and with vast packaging ar- rangement of fire-fighting equipment was produced.

Water tank capacity, l 6000
Foam tank capacity, l 360
Firepump JOHSTADT NP-4000
Productivity of pump in a nominal mode, l/sec 70
Pressure of pump in a nominal mode, m 100
Fire monitor LS-S60
Chassis URAL-4320-78
Axle configuration 6х6
Engine YAMZ-65654
Gear box 5 st.
Max speed, km/h 80
Total weight, kg 21 300
Vehicle dimensions (L×W×H), m 91,76 х 2,5 х 3,35
Cabin crew 5 +1


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