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Fire fighting tanker AZ-9,0-70 (4320)

Description and technical characteristics

The pumped-tanker is designed to deliver a fire fighting crew with a water-supply, foam agent and the fire-technical equipment to the fire place. Fire extinguishing by water from the tank, reservoirs and hydrants, and by air-mechanic foam are available.

Water tank capacity, l 9000
Foam tank capacity, l 450
Fire pump НЦПН-70/100
Productivity of pump in a nominal mode, l/sec 70
Pressure of pump in a nominal mode, m 100
Fire pump LS-S40
Chassis URAL-4320
Axle configuration 6x6
Engine ЯМЗ-65654
Gear box 5 st.
Max speed km/h 80
Total weight, kg 21300
Vehicle dimensions (L×W×H), m 9,48 х 2,5  х 3,6
Cabin crew 2+1


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