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Fire fighting tanker AZ-3,0-40 (43206) with CAFS

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Description and technical characteristics

As a result of adaptation of current technologies and usage of noncorrodible materials, model range of produced production was widened.  And fire-fighting tanker AZ-3,0-40 (43206) with aluminium super- structure, with tanks for fire extinguishinf agent from the polymer material, with fire-fighting centrifugal pump JOHSTADT NP3000, was produced. 
Water tank capacity, lt 3 000
Foam tank capacity, lt 240
Fire pump LSA3000 based on CAFS (Johstadt, Germany)
Performance of pump in a nominal mode, lt/sec 50
Pressure of pump in a nominal mode, m 100
Pump location in rear compartment
Fire monitor LS-S40
Chassis URAL-43206-79
Axle configuration 4×4
Engine YaMZ-536
Max speed, km/h 80
Total weight, kg 12 420
 Vehicle dimensions (L×W×H), m 8,0×2,5×3,2
Cabin crew 5+1

Pump unit LSA 3000


  • water supply (including seawater);
  • foam agent supply;
  • «wet» compressed foam supply;
  • «dry» compressed foam supply.


CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) advantages:

  • increase of the firefighting and rescue potential of the firefighting vehicles;
  • reduction of fire extinguishing time (max. effect of CAFS is achieved on the first stage of operation);
  • reduction of the harmful environmental impact;
  • increase of the vehicle operation without refilling by reduction of the foam and foam agent volume;
  • possibility of the simultaneous operation from one fire pump both with water supply nozzles and foam nozzles;
  • possibility of compressed foam supply when working at high buildings;
  • economy of foam agent by usage of the more concentrated (1%) foam agents and exacting electronic inspection of the foam agent consumption.


LSA 3000 assembly:

The pump unit LSA 3000 consists of the following elements based on the frame in united module:

  • noncorrodible firefighting centrifugal pump of a normal pressure Johstadt NP 3000;
  • priming system;
  • pump for foam agent supply;
  • compressor;
  • automatic electronic injector system of compressed air and foam dosing;
  • ejector system of foam agent supply and dosing with manual operation (optional);
  • pipe lines and locking devices;
  • control panel with illumination. 

Nominal water supply

50 l/s

Water pressure in nominal mode

100 m

Foam agent

any type

Nominal ejector system foam agent supply

3,3 l/s

Ejector system foam agent dosing range


Nominal injector system foam agent supply

0,27 l/s

Injector system foam agent dosing range

0,1…0,6%  in step 0,1%

Nominal compressed foam supply (air/foam agent)


Volume water – foam solution/air;

1:3 to 1:7

- «wet» foam

from 1:3 to 1:7

- «dry» foam



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