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Firefighting vehicle with high-capacity pumps big amount of hoses and tank ANR-4/1,2-130 (6370)

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Description and technical characteristics

New product is a unique fire-fighting vehicle ANR 4/1,2-130 on  the chassis Ural-6370.


"ANR" is designed for:

  • delivery of fire-fighting crew to the place of emergency situation, for fire extinguishing and implementation of accident rescue operations with the help of fire extinguishing agent supply, for delivery of fire-fighting equipment and life-saving instruments as well as for supply of fire extinguishing agents to the site of the fire from other sources.
  • for placing near the water source and carrying out the functions of pumping station, providing water supply, including seawater with the suction height 25 meters and possible distance from ANR up to 30 meters.
  • Implementation of water withdrawal from water sources, not only from equipped (adapted), but also from unequipped (unadapted) places for these purposes, including abrupt and waterlogged shores, bridges, piers, waterfront structures etc.
  • for water pumping in case of natural or anthropogenic emergency situation.
  • for pumping-over of fire extinguishing agents, including seawater, and efficient, simultaneous filling of several tanks, located at the big distance from the ANR.
  • for mechanized unwinding and rewinding of the hose lines.

arrangement of ANR

  1. Hose reel -2 pieces.
  2. Hose compartment and pressure hoses
  3. Pump Johstadt NP 8000.
  4. Tank 4000 l.
  5. Hose recovery unit.
  6. Submersible pumps.
  7. Cabin for truck crew.
  8. Bumper hose guide roller.

 Technical data

Water tank capacity, nominal, m3 4 000
Main centrifugal pump Johstadt NP8000
Main pump capacity, nominal, l/sec 130
Pressure of main pump, maximal, MPa (m) 1,0 (100)
Main pump capacity, maximal, l/sec 200
Pressure of main pump, maximal, MPa (m) 1,4 (140)
Automatic vacuum system VACUMAT+
Maximal suction height of the main pump, m 7,5
Location of the main pump in rear compartment
Submersible floating pump,
single-stage, centrifugal
Quantity of submersible pumps 2
Capacity of one submersible pump, nominal, l/sec 65
Pressure of submersible pump, nominal, MPa (m) 0,15 (15)
Pressure of submersible pump, maximal, MPa (m) 0,70 (70)
Location of submersible pumps in right side compartment
Drive of submersible pumps  hydraulic
Pressure of combined pumping unit
(at simultaneous operation of the main pump and two submersible pumps), nominal, Mpa
1,0 (100)
Reserve of pressure hoses with the diameter 150mm, m 1200
Reserve of pressure hoses with the diameter 77mm, m 400
Mechanical unwinding and rewinding
 of hoses with the diameter 150mm
hose recovery unit HRU 200
Manual lying and collecting of hoses        
with the diameter 77mm
two hose reels, 200m each
cabin crew, including a driver 6
Basic chassis Ural 6370
Axle configuration 6х6
Maximal speed with total weight, not less, km/h 80
Engine, type diesel, YAMZ-652
Nominal engine power, kW(h.p.) 303 (412)
Dimensions, m, not more  10,85x2,55x3,50


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