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New vehicles

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Foam Extinguishing Vehicle

In autumn of 2015 technical specialists of FIRE GROUP developed and produced the first vehicle of foam extinguishing APT-6,0-70 (4320) by the order of the global oil company ROSNEFT. The vehicles of foam extinguishing are examples of modern fire-fighting techniques’ generation, highly demanded by oil and petro-chemical enterprises.

The vehicle of foam extinguishing  APT-6,0-70 (4320) provides delivery of large volume of foam of needed expansion ratio through handle and stationary equipment, using its own tank, fire hydrants, natural or artificial reservoirs. If the tank is filled with water, the vehicle can be used as a fire fighting tanker. Although in contrast with standard fire fighting tanker if both water and foam tanks are filled with water, one can successfully extinguish fires in tanks with oil products.

New Fire Fighting Pumping Station on KAMAZ Chassis

Expanding the model range of special purpose fire fighting vehicles, company PRIORITET turned out new pumping station PNS-110 on KAMAZ chassis. The fire fighting pumped station is used for large fire extinguishing when delivery of large volume of water to the long distances is demanded. PNS-110 can be operated together with hose containers and fire fighting tankers especially in the case of wild fire or fires at the oil refinery plants.

The pumped station PNS-110 (5350) is equipped with high-powered rotary pump with output 100 l/sec driven by self-contained engine. The key design advantages of PNS-110 (5350) are the following:


  • Using of three suction inlets increases the effectiveness when operating on the surface water
  • The vehicle is equipped with a fair number of fire hoses to allow operating with three suction inlets
  • Ease of access to the hose containers: foot board and placing of hose containers at low height
  • The vehicle configuration provides effective cooling of the pump unit and the self-contained engine while operated and ease of access to them
  • The design of interior space of the vehicle bodystucture gives an opportunity to place all the necessary firefighting equipment
  • PNS-110 (5350) is equipped with breathing apparatus

New Airfield Fire Fighting Vehicles on KAMAZ Chassis

A big step forward for our company is developing of two new models of heavy and medium class airfield vehicles.

AA-12.0-60 (63501) is one of the most in-demand airfield vehicles on the market. In spite of large volume of transporting fire extinguishing means one of the key features of the vehicle is opportunity to use it even in hard climate conditions: warmth-keeping and heated water and foam tanks.


AA-10.0-100 (65222) is the best offer among medium class airfield vehicles due to its speed performance and capacity of water and foam tanks. The vehicle is equipped with unremovable runway foam carpet spreader which meets the vehicle dimensions.

Special–purpose firefighting vehicle of combined fire extinguishing AKT -7/1000-40/20 (43118)

The new special–purpose firefighting vehicle of combined fire extinguishing AKT -7/1000-40/20 on chassis KAMAZ – 43118 was produced in October, 2014. 

AKT -7/1000-40/20 has the wide range of technical and operating features, which provide its undeniable competitive advantages:

  • This special – purpose firefighting vehicle is equipped with powder module, which has 1000 kg capacity of firefighting powder. This module may be used to extinguish the fire by rater, foam and powder. The simultaneous operation both in water – foam and powder modes is available.
  • The foam and water tankers are made of stainless steel.
  • The powder and water supply from tanks is provided with the help of the process of their extrusion by compressed air.  The operating of powder and foam supply valve through the fire monitors is remote and is provided with the help of remote control placed near the fire monitor.
  • AKT -7/1000-40/20 is equipped with spacious compartments for fire fighting equipment.

Firefighting pumped – tanker AZ–5,0–50 (4320)

We are glad to introduce you the production release of new firefighting pumped – tanker AZ–5,0–50 on chassis Ural–4320-79. Newly-designed product is the figure of the latest technical solution: the vehicle is equipped with pump unit LSA-3000 which may be used both as standard fire pump and effective compressed foam firefighting system.

Using of with pump unit LSA-3000 с CAFS-unit allows:

  • increase of the firefighting and rescue potential of the firefighting vehicles;
  • reduction of fire extinguishing time (max. effect of CAFS is achieved on the first stage of operation);
  • reduction of the harmful environmental impact;
  • increase of the vehicle operation without refilling by reduction of the foam and foam agent volume;
  • possibility of the simultaneous operation from one fire pump both with water supply nozzles and foam nozzles;
  • possibility of compressed foam supply when working at high buildings;
  • economy of foam agent by usage of the more concentrated (1%) foam agents and exacting electronic inspection of the foam agent consumption. 

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