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АTs-3,0-40 (433362), las puertas de los compartimentos laterales son enrollables


Firefighting pumped–tanker AZ–3,0–40 on chassis ZIL–433362  is designed to deliver a firefighting crew with water supply, foam agent and fire – technical equipment to the place of fire origin.  Fire extinguishing by water from the tank, reservoirs and hydrants, and by air–mechanic foam are available. 

Capacidad de cisterna 3,0 m3
Capacidad del tanque para agente espumante 180 l
Bomba de incendios centrífuga НЦПН-40/100 или ПН-40УВ
Potencia de la bomba en el modo nominal  40 л/с
Presión de la bomba en el modo nominal 100 m
Pump location and operation в заднем отсеке 
Length of pressure water lines 240 m 
Lanza de manguera de cureña СЛК-П20 
Chasis ZIL-433362
Axle configuration 4x2 
Min. turning radius 7,0 m
Tires 260R508
Engine ZIP 508.10 110 kW (150 h.p.)
Gear box 5 step gear box
Max. speed 85 km/h
Total weight 10 250 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 7,05 х 2,4х 3,3 м 
Cabin crew (including driver) 6 per. 


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