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Venezuela Experts Are Accepting New Vehicles

25 August, 2016
Product supplies to new regions are significant events for FIRE GROUP, especially if the vehicles are intended to be used at the other continents.
On August, 25 on the territory of our factory Spanish speech sounded that meant that the new vehicles were accepting by experts from Venezuela Republic. Two special-purpose vehicles were ready to be delivered to Latin America: firefighting tanker AZP-6/6-40 (5557) and vacuum truck MV-7 (4320). Air conditioners on the cabin roofs say that those tropical export version trucks will be operated under extreme conditions.
Warm welcoming of guests and tour of the plant at once. The best examples of fire-fighting vehicles was a contrived coincidence, they demonstrated their design advantages, technical excellence, convenience for effective firemen’s work as well as attractive appearance of the trucks for true men.
After taking a look at the vehicles guests were shown all the steps of production process and technologies.
Venezuela officials expressed their sense of fulfillment with our products and hope to sign a contract in the nearest time.

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