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Riot control vehicle AZ-6,0-40P (4320)

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Special-purpose vehicle with water cannon AZ-6,0-40P (4320) based on URAL-4320 is designed for the needs of the force structures aimed to realize rescue operations and provide technical support for the actions of the law enforcement agencies.  


Basic chassis





Axle configuration







diesel, four – stroke

Working capacity, l


Nominal power, l/s


Gear box:





manual, 5-speed

Max.speed, km/h


Vehicle characteristics


All – metal, four - door, with the additional protection and sealing, equipped with the vent and air cleaning systems, conditioning and air heating, with the emergency hatch on top 


1200х500-508, pneumatic, tubed, with the pressure regulation and grousers, automatic tire inflation

Curb weight, kg

13 600

Vehicle total weight, kg

20 800

Vehicle dimensions in transport position, mm

9 500 х 2 500 х 3 500 (width = 2 590 in case of rear wheels protection)

Cabin crew (incl. driver)


Superstructure characteristics

Water tank, l


Foam tank, l


Lachrymatory gas tank, l


Paint tank, l


Fire pump:



VF-2000, JOHSTADT Germany

Pump location

Rear compartment

Pump output , л/с


Pressure of pump in nominal mode, Bar


Max. suction height, м


Fire pump operation

From cabin, remote

Fire pump drive

Autonomous engine DEUTZ L4, power 45 kW, diesel, with air cooling, direct fuel injection

Water cannon:





On top of the cabin


Protected by steel cover, combined with the projector and video camera

Water cannon output, l/s


Water cannon output mode

when moving/ at stop

Water cannon operation

From cabin, remote









Fire fighting protection system

Fire fighting protection system

Deluge system of water and water – foam agent supply provides the protection of the fire fighting crew and vehicle from damages if ignition occurs. Manual operation.

Fire fighting water sprinklers:

  • on the top of body, on the top of cabin
  • under vehicle’s body
  • in the wheel arches
  • on the radiator grill
  • at the rear part of the body

The body of the vehicle may be covered with special nonflammable protective paint (at the customer’s request).  

Dozer blade

Application: taking the objects with the weight about 2 000 kg away

  • Material: steel
  • Drive: hydraulic, separate from chassis engine
  • Location: at front bumper
  • Operation: from cabin


  • Location: in the rear part of the vehicle
  • Power supply: from vehicle’s power supply
  • Pulling force -  5 t 
  • Operation control system
  • Centralized operating from the cabin of crew

Control panel:

  • fire pump control panel with the water and foam agent level sensors;
  • control for signaling unit, lighting and open doors sensors;
  • water cannon control panel;
  • dozer blade control panel;
  • video registration and control systems;
  • cabin heating, conditioning, filtering and vent systems control
  • control panel for pump engine

Video registration system

Main video camera:

  • Type: color, high resolution for all-round view
  • Location: on water cannon, turns together with water cannon
  • Modification: protected, long-focal-length

Rearview video camera:

  • Type: color, high resolution, with infrared lighting 
  • Location: at rear part of body
  • Modification: nonrotative, short-focal-length

Two color LED screens for observation in the cabin crew, diagonal 7' (18 sm.)
Video registration system, recording by 2 cameras, capacity HDD 500 GB.

Special lightening and sound equipment 

Signaling optical – acoustic unit, flash lamp 

Lightening equipment 

Projector on water cannon, which turns together with the water cannon;

Search light in the rear part of the 

Cabin air conditioner 

Productivity 1,8 kW, 3 operation modes, 1 automatic mode, separate from chassis engine functioning 

Cabin air filter 

FVUA 100А, air supply 100 m3/h, extreme pressure 294 Pa, removal of the coarsely and finally dispersed aerosols and dust, including toxic and irritating agents

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